Client Satisfaction


The Orangewood Academy Spartans Athletic Department appreciates your support of our program. Your continuous support and generous contributions have allowed us to accomplish our dreams, and have given MANY students an opportunity to attend our school. Thank you for playing a part in our success! We wish you the best in your business!

— orangewood spartans


Brandon was great to work with. He came to our house and helped us through the grueling Insurance process meeting all of my families needs. He took care of all the paperwork and got my coverage started right away with no down time. He's very professional, polite and knowledgeable on all the programs which helps in choosing the right plan! I would highly recommend his services.

— bill hierl

Mark Zapeda is AMAZING! Customer service is not a department it is an attitude, and Mark is a glowing example of that. He is extremely knowledgeable and he spoke to me in terms that I could understand. He took his time with me and answered all my questions. He gave me all my options and then made recommendations as to what programs were best for me. Mark is one of a kind when it comes to people skills and dedication to his work. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you Mark.

— cindy haapala


Just had a great phone call with Brandon. He explained my options well and made it very easy to make a decision on health care insurance. He explained concerns about the future regarding income and coverage and I'm happy I have a plan for the what ifs that may come up.thanks Brandon

— linda contreras

Brandon and Ashley have been superb in assisting me with my health insurance over the past few years. As much of a nightmare as health care has become, his team has been able to make it simple and understandable for me. Clearing up insurance company issues was much easier with them as a resource. Well done and thank you!

— Michael Bowman


Thank you for your assistance in setting up an affordable medical insurance policy for me! I have spoken to several agents this year and have always hung up the phone feeling exasperated, confused and defeated, thinking that I would NEVER have decent insurance that I could afford. You definitely changed all of that and have given me a sense of security for my future well being now that I have proper coverage at a price I can manage.

— marsha phillips

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful in analyzing my situation and determining the best plan for my son and myself. Made the process extremely simple for me. The call ended with a feeling of assurance and confidence that my best interests were looked after. Highly recommended broker/agent.

— reuben kim


Luke first contacted me when I was looking for medical health insurance among a dozen others. Despite the bureaucratic complications of obtaining health insurance outside of my employer, Luke made it simple and guided me on the forms needed to complete my transaction.  I even checked out other sources like UCA perennial Care and found that what Luke is offering was honest and upfront with no hidden surprises.  So, if you are looking for health benefits, and as a first timer, call Luke.

— warren dang